0.4 #

Released September 2017

Added adjacent selector for form .switch so you can have multiple .switch elements in a .control.
Added read-only attribute selector and style for input and textearea.
Added font-size: inherit; to .accordion.
Various updates to the grid component.
Fixed size-modifiers on .collection component and added a .is-medium modifier.
Fixed image border-radius on cards with .is-rounded modifier.

0.3 #

Released August 2017

Added size variables to h1-h6, blockquote in content.scss
Added .is-wide modifier to .grid for wider gaps between cells.

0.2 #

Released July 2017

Added is-medium size modifier to button component.
Changed is-large size modifier on button component to large text size.
Changed color values in content component to inherit, so they inherit parent's colour modifier.

0.1 #

Released July 2017

First release y'all!